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Sossity Chiricuzio, designer

I'm passionate about creating clothing and home decor with style and social consciousness.

The clothing started as a personal revolution. Femme, fat and freaky, I despaired of finding clothing to express my aesthetic. Having been forever drawn to both lingerie and the shiny metal goodies in the local hardware store, I was compelled to combine them. Many tiny hand stitches later, the first piece of diesel femme wear was born, and, by the end of that dance night, highly coveted! Both the feminine flavor and masculine flavor lines range from XS to 8X, and I love doing custom work!

There's many home wares I'm exploring, but for now what I'm offering are switch plates. They are a perfectly practical way to get your recommended daily dose of self-love. Currently available are the past/present and body/image collections.

Above all, I do this work to help encourage us all to hold up a loving mirror for each other. If you're like-minded, I'd love to network with you! Feel free to contact me with questions, feedback or wholesale inquiries. You're also welcome to browse our gallery and press pages.

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