Diesel Femme is very proud to be the official "Tie Sponsor" of dyke comic Kelli Dunham!

as seen in curve, september 2008
Diesel Femme Wear has been featured in Curve Magazine, was a big hit in the 2007 FatGirl Speaks fashion show, and is turning up in the wardrobes of many indie/queer performers, artists, and outlaws. Fueled by a love of comfort and creativity, and aiming to be accessible to all body types and budgets, it's personal fashion with a social consciousness.

Diesel Femme Wares are practical art with a timeless message - love yourself. Images of strong women (feminine and masculine) are combined with touchstone words to create a reminder of self worth in your daily life. All of our products are made with recycled materials whenever possible, and profit is never more important than politics.

  • Candy Shop Goddesses - page one | page two | page three
    Curve, 9/08
    Fashion spread

  • FatGirls speak up and garner fans
    Curve, 11/07
    Lipstick & Dipstick, Curvatures

  • Diesel femmes: fat girls are going gaga for Sossity Chiricuzio's handmade slip dresses. Now you can, too.
    Curve, 11/06
    Diane Anderson-Minshall

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